13 May 2016

Gas Monkey meets the Barrio

Wow this happened in March!
So Jason had been trying to flip 
his green '23 t bucket for months.
eBay, craigslist etc.
No bites...
Out of the blue comes an offer,
from the guys at Gas Monkey Garage!
Weeks later instead of a quick pick up,
they agreed on shooting a tv episode.
3 months after they barraged the barrio...
We had tried to clean up the yard,
and positioned all the hot rods in a maze,
before the crew showed up.
They ate it up.
I may get lucky and have an intro part,
but ya never know with editing.
Ole Chief will get some face time though!
For a reality show,
the skit is unscripted,
and there is some on the fly repetition,
which Jason handled perfectly.
The director and crew know their formula,
and know they're not dealing with actors.
After 5+ years,
the host Richard Rawlings 
can BS for the camera,
and smoothly led Jason's dialogue.
Near the end he actually pulled a fast one,
and bought a second car on the fly,
bringing Jason's dad Mickey into the mix.
The crew was as surprised as anyone.
So yeah it was a trippy experience.
They said 6-9 months which is after September,
we'll have to find someone with cable!


  1. They already flipped it on ePay.


  2. wow... some Hollywood action in our little ol San Diego

  3. wow... some Hollywood action in our little ol San Diego