07 April 2016

poop rocks

My parents live close by.
The other day I got a text...
"Come for dinner! Fresh seafood!"
Well who am I to say no...
maybe this time.
Crab legs are fun to eat.
Definite love-hate with the oysters.
Why do people think they're such a delicacy?
The consistency is questionable.
The taste is best doctored up with enough 
horseradish, lemon, hot sauce etc,
just to mask the mucus plug being eaten,
beer chaser please...
I did have a few,
but on crackers to help my gag reflex.
My mom was slurpin em up like there was no tomorrow.
Didn't see my dad partake.
Smart man...
Of course there were leftovers.
Dammit there's that scrounge mentality.
Too expensive to throw away.
The next day I fried them up 
with garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese,
and ate them with a $5 pizza.
Now there's a delicacy.

1 comment:

  1. Mucus plug is right. The in-laws make oyster stew for Christmas, I don't get it.