22 April 2016

Anchors Away

Just a fun project
that took 2 weeks to prep for
and about 2 hours to complete!
I understand this guys dilemma,
docking is the most stressful part of boating.
Especially on a windy day,
and especially with a bunch of gawkers.
He tagged it hard to bend the 1/2"+ stainless!
Definite scar on the dock pylon.
It took the two weeks to come up with the plan.
The owner had an idea to fix it 
that wasn't going to work.
Just leave the thinking to me!
Good ole bumper...
Was made for this chit...
Another simple trick with the clamp party.
Just enough heat to soften,
didn't even turn red.
There ya have it.
Not perfect but not $1500 for a new one!

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