21 April 2016

Europe 1990 score

Probably one of the dumbest things I've done...
going to see these guys in Europe.
I blew my load on all the tickets
and a eurorail pass,
leaving $250 for the trip.
Yeah smart!
I survived partially 
by selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
to the US deadheads at the shows.
A little piece of home...
Tough to find peanut butter over there!
I'll write more about that trip in the future...
Seeing the dead play in a 2500 person audience,
was totally worth it!
At the time I couldn't afford one of these cool posters.
It would've gotten ruined anyway!
I did scrounge one of these off a wall.
When I saw this pop up on eBay,
I had to jump on it!
Typically this poster is in a higher price range!
This c-note version is funny though...
Why pay $100 for a poster printed 
a year after Jerry Garcia died,
6 years after the tour?
C'mon now,
obviously a desperate attempt at money grubbing.
So yeah thanks but no thanks!
I'll stick with the faded looking 
possible knockoff version!
Perfect for the shop wall,
next to Mike Ferguson's 185 mph El
Mirage  grille shell!

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