18 April 2016

Pioneer SX-9000

I'm backed up here with posts to do!
Here's the stereo update...
Yes another one...
The newer black box NAD sounded clean,
crisp but kinda boring.
The wife even asked why it was there.
We rarely used the cool remote feature.
Bummer too was the quick fix 
was starting to glitch.
Remember that twisty wire?
The right side would occassionally disappear.

Well during a weekend lunch break,
what pops up but an old pioneer receiver.
I'll jump on anything that'll be in the c-note range!
Within an hour of the sellers posting,
it was already dissected on the table.
The insides were dusty,
and a quick vacuum cleaned things up.
Here's a big bomb drop.
I've officially peaked 
and started slippin down the slope.
There's something called the trombone slide,
that has nothing to do with playing music.
My close-up vision was a little fuzzy,
and leave it to the wifey to get on it.
Maybe too many hours on this little phone...
I'm wearing 1.25 readers right now!
Holey Chit...
I'm hesitant on getting throw-aways,
or a really pimp pair that I'll end up trashing.
Whatever the case having crisp vision again is nice,
especially when fiddling with this little chit.
Ok where were we...
Early Pioneer's used this funky speaker plug.
I tried modifying some spades,
and it worked great,
until I plugged it in.
The receiver sounded like a$$.
The seller said it was his pops',
and had it plugged in.
No way!
This needed the contact cleaner treatment big time.
huffing station
Nothin like a huffin Sunday morning!
Bring the whole family for the fun...
I ended up having to cut those spades off,
to plug the Sansui in temporarily.
Basically wasting the last spade connectors.
That's what I get for not testing it out first.
The new wire fix was easy,
soldering the wire ends flat with fresh solder,
making them more ridgid.
1972 Pioneer sx-9000
Here's a quick front view.
Dig the trick little secret door,
and the cabinetry level wood.
That distracts from the simple meter-less display.
All hooked up again after some burn in time,
and the early sound was back.
Definitely not as technical as the NAD,
more of a Bloody Mary morning haze.
Grateful Dead bootleg recordings 
are so much better through 70's solid state!
We tested it for flick night,
watching Star Wars 7,
one of the few movies we've seen on the big screen...
Hey what can I say,
other than standin in line for the original
Star Wars was passed to the next generation.
The movie was great,
but the AMC theaters sound system sucked.
We're used to getting knocked out by the explosions 
in our home theatre!
Pioneer SX-9000
For now the 1972 pioneer 
will be in the main position,
until the next one!

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