11 April 2016

4-Banger fun

A couple posts ago I wrote about
smashing my hands in the garage door.
Not my finest moment.
Here's the prequel to that lameness.
The Big3 swapmeet was coming up,
perfect time to move heavy chit around,
and unload it on other people.
In rare form,
I'd start a couple days early,
trying not to rush it as in past years.
I was going for the heavy hitters,
big ticket items instead of a ton of little ones.
Of course after an hour(s) of cleaning,
this transmission ended up back home!
At the last minute,
we decided to extract this 4-banger
from the future project truck.
let's pull a stuck engine out
45 minutes before the sellers gate opens!
We had the tools,
and the man-boy power...
If you look closely,
here's the accident waiting to happen.
The A-frame was too tall to get in the garage,
and the chain hoist was at a crazy angle.
We got it out no problem,
but even with a seized rearend,
the truck had inched up just enough.
We'd push it back later...
The A-frame is the best.
This is the 3rd or 4th year we brought it.
You'd think a model A Ford engine wouldn't last,
at a swap meet put on by the A Ford club.
It was like fishing,
a bunch of nibbles and finally a bite.
There's always a catch,
the guy was from Northern California.
Could he pick it up later?
Oh allright...
Guess I'll have to load it back in the van,
and unload it one more time...
We could have sold it 4 times after that!
The engine sat at the yard for weeks,
stuck right in front of the new driveway,
along with the cherry picker,
in the dirt.
Sloppy had actually made this deal,
and somehow never got the guys #!
Finally a stray call from a NorCal area code...
Ed and his wife drove all the way down
from Pleasanton in this luxury rig,
pulling a trailer only for this engine!
We joked how he could have rented a trailer here.
Crazy 4-banger guys!
Always good for a story...
We shoulda pushed the truck back though!

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  1. Hey man! I saw you posted a picture of your friend Sean's Wall of Sound era equipment... I'm a total nerd for that kind of thing, and was hoping to reach out and talk if you're comfortable with that! You can reach me at TheMopedGuys@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!