17 February 2016

Utensil Snobs

If you guys haven't figured this out by now,
much of this blog is the quest
to surround ourselves with quality chit,
as cheap as possible.
This path is not the fastest...
One thing we're particular about,
is our utensils,
and I think we found our forever set.
These are made by Robert Stanley in Japan,
so probably kinda old,
as they had production
in Korea and now China.
The handle design is really cool.
The fork shape is curved and awesome,
almost spoon-like.
Long-time readers may remember these,
the last of a set from my childhood.
I loved that fork!
Still need to braze it up...
Well we've been in limbo since then,
trying out this heavy set for a while.
Never liked it.
Too heavy and the big spoons were huge.
I did like the knife with the big blade.
We've gravitated to a hodge podge,
and we each have our favorites.
Wife uses the silver rose pair on the left.
The 3rd fork is Macey's favorite.
My spoon is the 4th...
the orange one is a family fav for yogurts etc.
Jakes locked down the last two at the end.
Jaxon is the only one that's not particular.
Yeah we're picky!!
But isn't everyone?
I mean ya use these every day.
We scored these,
and I'da been content.
Good weight and feel,
but way too expensive for a 5-person set.
So the patience paid off.
$2 for all this!!
That's like $.04 each!
Now the hunt for the missing tablespoons and knife...


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