08 February 2016

221K ford e350 update

Nothin like a SoCal rain 
to wack the free-van down a notch,
releasing the Pandora's box 
caused by un-maintenance.
I seriously take reliability for granted.
Check engine light...
Was this it?
Timing chain?
Dead cylinder?
Cracked head?
Fortunately a shop friend has the OBD2 tester.
the dreaded p0308 misfire code.
Most likely a wet coil.
Since the wife's ride and the van 
have the same ignition coils,
a trip to the junkyard was in order.
There are so many ford/mercs,
it is worth choosing a handful 
of $13 used versus $60 new.
Plenty for backups.
I can't afford having fun if I don't scrimp...
Scoped out this HD ford e350,
with a beefy set of extended body springs.
They're over 1/16" thicker,
and the rears have 6 leaves vs 4.
If they're still here at the 40% off sale 
next weekend...
Perfect for hauling bricks!
The drawback to working on vans.
The big box gives no work space.
Wasn't too bad,
however I did do it twice.
Now for the tires.
6 years in the sun,
looked like a landspeed race course.
I had a plan,
Jason was saving up for his tire upgrade,
and I was gonna swoop in for his oldies.
The barrio tire shop...
$40 for a swap and balance.
Great deal.
Cheap cause the shop tools were quality,
no need to replace equipment every year,
or decade.
The wait was quick,
watching how big boys get their chit done.
How have I not seen one of these?
An air powered jack.
Lifted this rig no problem.
He hammered away at the bead...
And pried it off like a bike.
I'm a pussy in comparison.
Admit it,
most likely you are too!
The new old tires were fat!
275/85/16 vs the old 245/75/16.
Tall and right for the big ole van.
Thanks Jason!
Yea changed out that nasty air cleaner too!
At 221k miles,
we're back in business...

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