14 February 2016

Junkyard 101 - how to

Last week I hinted at an inevitable return 
to the local junkyard,
baited by a big 40% off weekend special.
You bet I went back...
conveniently landing on a sunny valentines day.
The first step is preparation,
getting your chit together saves time and energy.
The last venture I had spied a simple trick.
Always learn from the locals!
This involves a simple antifreeze jug.
Why the heck 
do I have so many to choose from?!
This is the perfect vintage,
and white, 
or at least not black,
so you know when it is greasy.
Yellow would be good,
to wave around in case of emergency.
Some strategic cutting...
You guys figure it out yet?
Good old liars club candidate here!
For those in the know...
a handy portable tool box!
Helps to have an idea of what you'll need.
My eye was on a particular prize,
I wanted a stash of ignition coils for backup.
After further searching,
I found an even better jackpot.
A once babied p-71 police interceptor.
Drilled and slotted rotors!
At Oreilly's these are $145 a pop!
Stock solid ones below are $50 each.
Your thinking...
Cheap skate...
Hey it was $37 for all 4 rotors!
Even after $30 to turn them,
that leaves $330 for fun stuff!
It's not hard to discern worn out rotors.
These were nice and smooth.
I had one side off in 5 minutes.
The other side was almost a bust,
the wheel locked too hard to the side,
no room for a socket.
Fortunately the column was dropped,
and the u-joint could be quickly disconnected.
Another trick,
using a fan belt to carry these heavy mothers!
The tool jug worked great!
I didn't really need to spill it,
but if you do,
find a floor mat...
These guys used the good old bucket method,
great for big jobs.
Also the milk crate w/dolly is easy.
Many guys use man-bags.
Not a fan.
Ammo containers are great too,
but long tools don't fit.
I'm sticking with the jug!
Light, good volume,
and easy to bring two.
On the way out,
a guy was dragging a transmission,
on a plastic door panel,
tied with a seat belt.
Who needs wheels?!
Good times...

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