16 February 2016

Bull Headed

A milestone was hit last month,
Jaxon's old enough for his driving permit.
He studied up,
and fortunately made a DMV appointment.
No long line,
even though the wifey came prepared,
bringing her crochet project!
It was an exciting moment.
He had studied up,
and got his hair perfect for the license photo.
As you get older,
you can whip through paperwork,
usually gets a little sloppy.
Not when you're younger.
Excruciatingly slow.
Besides the driving info,
I warned him it was time to have a signature.
He must have forgot,
and practiced it at the table.
Good times...
A bit overwhelming in sure.
We were all there,
as the parents both need to sign for responsibility.
Uh oh...
We had made a pool,
to bet on how many he would miss.
I forget who won,
but the good part is he passed!
Only half those in line passed that day...
Picture time!
So you'd think he's want 
to take behind the wheel driving lessons,
to be able to actually drive.
"Heck no!" He says...
"I'm not paying that much just to drive early!"
What the heck?
Bull-headed taurus...
Maybe I'll have to start paying him for his labor...

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