01 February 2016


Let's start off the month with missed deals...
Yeah I'm still looking for bricks...
It is amazing how fast they get scooped up.
No luck with these.
Kinda light loads anyway.

Now this 2000 brick stash...
this would have been a long day.
Gone in 15 minutes!
Then the most random things pop up.
We really needed these dragon heads!
This generator would have been nice.
Gone within the half hour.
I've got an extra outboard,
and a cheap hull would be cool.
Throw together a boat before summer.
Yeah another project.
This one lingered for a week,
but I didn't fall for the trap.
This one was a better hull design.
The inside was so rough though.
For now!
I was too busy to see this one quickly.
Looked like a great deal for free!
The guy that got it tried the quick flip.
No luck at $1k,
it's down to $600 now.
This one hurt
A working Grommes tube stereo.

I should have offered $50 for it,
easily worth $500.
Oh well.
You'll see why these would have been cool.
People just part out these speakers for big bucks,
and guys like me try to put them back together!
Now what do you think this was?
A free roadster body?
Either a trick or a score.
This one may still be available.
Free dreadlocks!!
From a white guy...
I can only imagine the smell in that bag.
This one was ruthless.
Neighbor giving away her neighbors things.
Hopefully she got her stuff back!

Here's a business for the kids.
Everyone needs one of these wood chippers!
Another portable business opportunity.
I likes the vice!

Happy hunting...



  1. Cool....I like your post screen grabs. Your the reason why I check our local CL "Free" board

    1. sometimes its better to not know what we're missing out on!
      some deals are too tempting...