03 November 2015

Whaler Resto part xvi - rails

It reads like all I do is screw off,
working on this boat,
writing this action packed blog.
Well I've got the knack of conveniently
leaving out huge parts of the day! 
stainless whittling
A month ago I started grinding,
and these seemed 1/4" too big.
Definitely a stall to the project.
Over the weekend,
the time was found to finish up.

deep swab!
Watching a sick kid...
the perfect way to get stuff done around the house.
Strep throat and pneumonia!
Check how far they put that q-tip for the swab!
No trick or treating this weekend...
The first time ever.
:( :( :(

Weeks ago I dug into the stainless tube scrap pile,
and welded the end angles.

test fit
Now everything was trimmed
a bit sleeker.
Since this is a sit down boat,
I kept them low.
Just enough to lean a knee on 
or an emergency grab.

stool time
Night shot up quick!
It was barely 630.
Not gonna stop now.
I screwed and tacked everything in place,
with the good old single light bulb...
night gamble
At this point I'm crossing my fingers they're straight!
Here's where it skewed towards work boat level,
as I tried stick welding the thin tube and thick plate.
It worked ok but I should have had more patience,
as it was obvious 3 308 sticks weren't going to cut it.
yamaha 90
Time to move on to another project.
The outboard seemed to sit a little low at plane.
Remember the cavitation plate sits at water level.
There was one hole left to raise it.
No child labor tonight!
I rested the outboard on wood chunks,
and used the trailer jack to bump it up.
custom side rails - boston whaler 16/17
What a relief the rails lined up.
The 1.5" tubing doesn't leave room for error.
work boat
The TIG was brought out,
and I kinda rushed through the welds.
Definitely not yacht standards here...
First problem is welding 3/16" plate to thin tube,
second problem not the best fit,
third problem welding past the stick globs,
fourth problem trying to finish in half the time!
boston whaler 16/17 work boat
All in all it's exactly what we needed,
a little security on such a shallow hull.
The 5200 adhesive should glue them on good,
together with side through-bolts and top screws.
In the summer I had bent up the bow rail,
a hack job with the cheesy bender.
I may throw it on,
keeping that same angle with the side tubes.
We'll see.
never ending project - boston whaler 16/17 with yamaha 90 2-stroke
For now they're perfect for holding up the rain tarp.
Non-boat stuff comin next!

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