28 November 2015

Hot Rod Alchemy

So there's this 1930 ford pickup back in the shop.
Ya may remember it from a summertime post.
t's a compilation of 2nds and 3rds,
the parts that are borderline castaways,
usually needing extra time to massage into place.
The end result is coming out pretty cool.
Another builder Tony did a good chop, some cool pipes,
and a slew of mechanical feats.
 I got it and have been trying to get it 
on the road for James,
balancing efficient time with the parts at hand.
More of a form follows function build.
As long as it doesn't break.
The clutch linkage was also reworked.
Much better.
James had scored a deal on an early mallory distributor,
and we found out why it was cheap.
The advance assembly is attached to this oval plate,
which had loosened up over time.
The quick fix was making a D slot,
matching the shaft to a welded up hole.
Please work...
After some grease monkey magic,
we got the flathead running smoothly.
Hopefully it will make Mooneyes in 2 weeks!

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