17 November 2015

shop life - episode 6 - winterize

One thing that can change the course of a day,
is an ad for free bricks.
This was a good load!
By 1145 the bricks were at the shop.
Thanks Theo!
By 5pm a few were laid out,
not perfectly even,
just a quick lay.
Way nicer than the rocks.
Over the weekend the kids busted butt.
The idea was to flatten out the area.
A slow start gained momentum.
The ground isn't level,
and a 1-3" plate of asphalt like dirt 
made things difficult to pick and shovel.
Once the challenge was understood,
hammering, prying, leveling and laying,
this tough section was almost conquered.
There's still a fat stack of bricks left,
but the rains stalled progress.
The next day the wind whipping the tarps off.
Holey chit!
It looks naked without the canopies!
The big box was floating in the stiff breeze.
So much it moved the two 50 LB weights,
and ripped the stakes out of the ground!
Time to winterize...

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