05 November 2015

shop life - episode 3

Ok more reverse storytelling...
My original section was soon to be reorganized.
The outer wall of the shop was my clutter spot,
but there was opportunity for the greater good.
Which typically coincides with a giant brick score.
This time I brought in the shop help,
which I wrote about earlier...
So now there's a giant pile of bricks...
And coupled with a huge pile of junk...
a good evening thrash was needed.
Maybe more than one evening....
The problem wasn't as much the amount,
just the organization.
Not all was mine,
and what was fit into the corner.
In a couple hours,
I had paved the way to shop freedom.
The problem was that first day,
had created an ongoing momentum.
Bricking isn't necessarily the fastest work,
especially on rock hard not-level dirt pack.
Thing is there was a plan,
and other happenings were going on
across the wall...
I couldn't find a before pic,
but imagine a cluttered up shop space.
Seriously cluttered.
We had chosen the 90 degree September heat,
to sweat out this big move.
The goal was to add a couple stall doors.
The shop was a choked up metal oven.
No air flow,
no ambient light.
No "I can't wait to get to the shop!" feeling.
The first cuts of the new openings were miraculous.
The building could finally breath.
We all could finally breath!
Now the rush to make doors.
Crude but strong scrap hinges were welded up.
And big door frames were welded together.
We decided on top hinges,
so the doors would make temporary awnings,
needed for the coming El Niño rains.
It took a good part of a day 
to move that electrical conduit,
which was the main power to the whole shop.
Lotsa fun there,
but now the doors were useable.
Soon after the canopies were rearranged.
So much better!
The wood door stands were borderline,
so I made crude wire pulleys,
creating a Rube Goldberg opening system,
using a handy boat trailer winch.
In the month since,
it's incredible how production has taken off.
Jason's got the left half of the shop,
which was previously uninhabitable.
At this point I had cleared out Mario's 33,
and still pittered on other projects.
At this point,
I didn't expect episode 4 to be so crazy...

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