01 November 2015

Halloween Anniversary

Remember when you guys 
had to read about cops and code enforcement?
This past year has been quiet, 
less stressful,
all thanks to the best neighbors we could hope for.
This Halloween marks their first anniversary
in the neighborhood.
Matt, Gina and Corbin are seriously awesome,
the exact opposite of the old neighbors.
Instead of sly videos and 911 calls,
they actually go outside and hang out.
The Whaler projects couldn't have been considered before.
The Skolaski's are interested in the progress.
After a year and a half of tiptoeing paranoia,
what a huge relief.
We were probably months away from giving up!
Visiting their house for the first time was surreal,
like going into the evil lair.
They've succeeded in lightening it up.
Now we can wave, 
drink a beer or two...
Most importantly the kids and wife are more relaxed.
They were excited to decorate for Halloween.
Thanks Matt, Gina and Corbin,
you've made it a neighborhood again!

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