09 June 2015

To breath or not to breath

There comes a point where enough is enough.
3M makes a couple versions of these masks,
typically called respirators.
This one was well past it's prime.
Do yourself a favor,
and don't buy the grey rubber version.
After a couple months,
the rubber will emit a sticky residue.
It washes off easily,
but there is a sweet smell that will remain.
Soon after cracks appear.
Here's my replacement,
the 3M 7502.
The mask part is made of a silicon,
lasts forever and doesn't get sticky,
even when left out in the sun.
Now doesn't that look inviting?
I went cheap and got these on eBay,
about half the normal price 
with free shipping that took a couple weeks.
These came straight from China!
I'm hoping the 3M regulations are the same,
the numbers match what is available in the US.
While certain safety regulations aren't as monitored overseas,
I'm sure they wouldn't skimp out.

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