03 June 2015

Tinnitis Relief

With the van still down,
the hot rods have been relegated 
to daily driver status.
When I brought it back from Camarillo,
we made a deal to fix a few things.
Yeah this was between me and the car.
It was about time to make good.
I've been wanting to do this for years.
For some reason I like to make hot rods
that point the exhaust straight into my ears.  
I always wear foam ear protectors when cruising around.
Yeah that guy...
These were welded in,
no more screwing around with the twist baffle,
although they are still installed and do work.
I'll admit it seems to run better.
The 1-1/2" hole gives it a little back pressure,
and the flathead seems smoother on the hole shot.
The open pipes were best on the freeway,
but it's nice a little quieter.
The turnouts definitely reduced the megaphone like snap,
now I hear all the other squeaks and rattles!

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