01 June 2015

Ruby Kiss

There's not much more unnecessary,
then a yacht.
It's a symbol to some 
that you've made it big,
or are trying to.
Many examples clog the bays of Southern California.
This was one that bucked that stereotype.
Recently built on the East Coast,
the owner actually motor-sailed it down to panama,
and up to the states.
Kinda rare,
as most times a crew will deliver boats like these,
and the owner just flies in to port.
If a boat could run with a limp,
this would be a reason.
These two pieces of metal
are supposed to be in-line.
The engine alignment was so off,
new holes had to be made.
Seemed strange for a new boat
that just cruised thousands of miles.
Good thing some tools are made so cheaply now.
This model is good for about 12 heavy duty holes,
but the better version wouldn't have fit.
Definitely a cozy engine compartment.
Cabin space above is more important!
Yes it's cramped,
but I'd rather be in here for a couple days...
...then up there dangling around in the fresh air.
I've had to do this plenty of times,
even out in the middle of the ocean,
in a squall,
in the dark.
Not much for heights unless I have too.
These riggers were trying to find every excuse 
to go back up!
This is what these are not supposed to look like
after a repair.
No ball peen hammers,
unless your stuck in Costa Rica,
or some other paradise with limited tools.
After a successful fix,
a couple fun projects were added.
These are finger, ear and scalp savers.
Let's see if you can figure this template out...
The crude way works exactly perfect.
The next day,
an electrician laid on these for a couple hours,
making them well worth it.
The people on this boat were first class.
The owner new his stuff,
and the crew guy was a huge help.
He had a Cinderella story worthy of telling.
Justin went from being a road worker,
shoveling asphalt in the rain and heat,
with a wrongful paternity suit hanging over his head,
to a true water nomad chasing the summer.
His stay in San Diego was a fable,
reeling in girls like he'd been on a boat for months.
Cool to hear a good karma story.
Bummer to see them go,
but great to help them on their way north.
What a relief to see they didn't get stuck.
Now who wouldn't go for something like this?

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