23 June 2015

lady workhorse

I've called this place the sweat factory many times before,
definitely hasn't changed.
This time I did nothing.
No oil change or tune-up,
just checked the gas cap for cracks.
The numbers were surprisingly low,
passing way below the averages.
Now we may have the lady workhorse 
for another two years!
Time to give her a little attention.
I had mined a clean motorcraft alternator 
at the last junkyard visit.
The battery light was starting to flicker every now and then.
Out of the dozen or so Crown Vic's,
this was the best one.
That is the key to a budget daily driver,
pick a model that has cheap and readily available junked parts.
This custom tension bar is a key tool,
although a breaker bar may have worked.
Even with the late summer daylight,
projects always end up with a single bulb!
If Jaxon's lucky this may be his first car.
Actually that would make his mom the lucky one,
that is if she'd give it up.

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