06 February 2015

Torn - 1939 vs 1941

The early imaginations of the 40 project
are so close to what it's turned out to be,
it's like the Iron Giant movie -
Blown out parts slowly reassembling themselves back to a machine.
Go watch it if you don't know what I'm talkin' about.
You may have noticed a change to the dark side,
an unintentional green black fauxtina,
the outcome of hours of sanding by our oldest - Jaxon.
His determination at finishing the once rusty 40,
or at least snapping me out of the current build block,
is the catalyst I need. 
A small detail that has veered from the path 
are the tail lights.
I'd imagined Valley Custom inspired 1941 studebakers.
After 6 years of searching,
settling on repop 1939 teardrops.
A perfect fit on a 1939/1940 Ford fender!
By luck or the saved search feature,
an original pair of 41 studebaker is now in our possession.
Beat up but very rare to have complete lens, frames and housings.
At the Grand National Roadster Show,
I saw this one sedan with the modification.
I really like the flow.
does it draw a line between a custom and hot rod!?
(We had the same thought Timm!)
I really like the minimalist styling as it is now,
and am torn on whether or not to change.
The 39's would be perfect with nerf bars,
but there is a bumper planned.
Maybe that is the place to start,
mount the bumper and take it from there...
Ay wey.

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