24 February 2015

Big 3 - 2015 - the prep

The Big 3 Parts Exchange has become the annual spring clean decluttering event.
This year we had a coincidental problem,
that seemed like a preplanned occurrence.
What we thought was a washing machine blowout,
gave the kids a fun dismantling project.
At this point they didn't know why the heck they were doing this.
Weeks later the reason was apparent.
Jake loved it.
You bet we brought our new fire pit home.
The day before the swap was crazy.
This disheveled shed held long forgotten treasures.
I should have started the decluttering earlier then the evening before.
Sad when a heavy large box sells for $20.
Even sadder when there are 4 of them.
That's a lot of dead weight taking up space.
The biggest disappointment was the one thing on top of the list.
Jaxon spent a Presidents' Day vacation prepping the Cradle Robber roadster pickup.
Now he has a better understanding of mechanical drum brakes!
No go though,
a logistics nightmare.
Next year...
His consolation prize was a student driver lesson.
What better car to learn burnouts.
Holey chit!!
Thanks cousin Brandon!
This looks like a hangover,
but far from it.
I stuck with the Polish vodka.
Thanks Rodney for the tip!
All in all a good time.
Brought 2 can loads,
came back with barely a half.
Next post will be the scores and missed deals...

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