08 February 2015

Fail or Freedom

I try my best to keep damage reports to a minimum,
but this is a big one and the trigger was finally pulled.
I've written a bunch concerning this mc2300 amp,
only to result in an expensive doorstop.
The deal was shady from the get go,
with so many red flags obvious from hindsight...
Old stash from a defunct Pacific Stereo store,
ad picture wasn't the same amp,
the seller tested with tiny speakers...
I let it's rarity coerce me into acquisition.
Most recently I tried replacing the transistors and resistors.
The transistor years ranged from 1973, 1974, 1981, 1984 and 1997!
That's basically a repair timeline.
Even the resistors had a dozen different brands or ages.
After a couple nights tinkering,
hooked it up with this "dim bulb tester".
Good thing,
as the glowing light meant a short inside.
The bulb acts as a fuse only allowing 34 watts in,
saved from a smokey mess!
After a month or two of deliberations,
I had to let it go.
I'm spread thin on personal projects,
and this one was out of my comfort level.
I considered parting it out,
but now it's someone else's problem.
Another positive was clearing out all the packing materials!
At 130 lbs this was a pain in the butt to box up.
Thanks Sloppy for that foam!
In a way it's a fail,
but a good learning experience.
Now some freedom to finish our other dozen projects!

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