16 February 2015

RIP Aaron Vandemark

We were saddened to hear that a friend had died.
More so as it took a couple months to find out,
as he migrated back to his Michigan roots.
I had met Aaron when he picked up our old BMW 2002 project.
He loved it,
and we became as good of friends as you can be,
when one has three kids and a wife,
and the other is married and dying of cystic fibrosis!
I can't imagine being a kid,
told you will most likely die by the age of 20.
Aaron lived into his 40's!
The past year was tough.
His dad died a slow agonizing death,
his mother-in-law died of a blindsided heart problem,
and he was teased with lung transplants,
only to be denied multiple times.
Still he was one of the most positive people I knew.
Strange how people are put into our lives,
maybe as a wake up to appreciate what we take for granted.

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