19 February 2015

56 shades of gray

One thing college teaches is how to procrastinate.
A skill mastered through years of practice.
Some procrastinators are busy screwing off,
putting fun before work,
then finding themselves scrambling to meet a deadline.
Many fall flat on there face.
A conscious procrastinator is a little different.
A game plan is formed with the deadline as a goal,
work starts at the exact last moment needed for completion,
with very little time for wild cards.
The difference is the weeks prior to liftoff,
the project seed is planted,
queued up for it's turn.
Subconsciously each step is mentally mapped out.
Momentum is built up,
winding tight like a spring.
With such meticulous planning,
of course there's time to finish a couple unrelated projects.
A boat...
a bike...
With little room for error,
the trigger is pulled.
Oh holey chit.
What the frick is this?
This is not what I signed up for.
Plan A - boom...
Plan B - boom...
Now we're working on the fly.
Oh jeez...when's the deadline?
Time to get out the 34 watt bulb.
Ok no problem.
The other side looks way easier.
Maybe there's time for a bike ride.
Yeah that'll help clear my head a little.
This side is even worse.
Holey chit...
Let's do this.
Same as before only opposite.
Well that took a little longer than I thought.
What day is it again? 
Oh no.
When's the deadline?
Uh Yeah yeah no problem ,Mario.
The truck will be done tomorrow...
Now the last part.
This was plan A.
Oh Hey Mike! 
Hey Uncle Steve! 
Hey Dino!
Hey Dad!
Hey Honey!
Yeah Mario's sposta pick up the truck at 4.
What time is it?
Uh oh...
Hammer hammer file file...
Hate to do it,
but this things gotta be smooth.
Only a skim coat...
Just enough time to seal up the inside.
I love ospho on my fingers.
Let's go cruising!
Blow all this dust out on the road.
Where's my glasses?
Hey Mario,
Oh you won't be here til 7?
the paint fumes won't be so strong.
Tequila shot time...
Hey Mario!
Nah it was easy...
How to - shaving drip rails on a1956 Ford F100...
Or how to - make a ford look like a chevy.

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