28 December 2014

system error perks

I've become so lazy writing and uploading pics directly from my iphone,
lying on the couch,
in bed,
in the van,
on the pot...
Now that there's some glitch with the program or something,
I'm remembering sending pictures through my email,
downloading them onto the computer,
and then uploading them onto the blog,
then writing words inbetween the photos.
All the time sitting in this cold a$$ chair.
Holey Chit.

Lee Moses - Bad Girl
just a bad a$$ song
One thing I have missed,
is being able to post up song flicks,
surrounded by a cranked vintage 4-speaker stereo system.
So sweet.
While I'm trying to figure out the logistics of what a system error 403 is,
check this tune out its plain cool.

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