08 December 2014


Last bike post I noted the Rauler got parted out,
specifically the seatpost.
Yawn yeah another bike post...
Well a friend Mark had one in his stash.
Not as cool as the sleek aero post,
but I can't get too picky over a freebie.
This was the same size as the previous seatpost at 26.8 mm,
which was too loose.
A 27.2 mm seatpost wouldn't fit.
See that brownish thing jammed in there?
A strip of aluminum can is the perfect shim,
this one back from when we drank Dr. Pepper.
The big upgrade was a rear brake.
Almost 4 years riding with a front only,
and each time there's that something ain't right feeling.
An NOS shimano 600 fit the Japanese-parts-on-a-70's-Italian-frame theme.
This triggered my writing.
The brake line housing ferrule didn't fit the adjuster.
Why I don't know,
these are mainstream parts here.
A little Sunday morning project,
turned into a hand-lathe honing session on the drill press.
Holey Chit I need to clean my nails.
A little drillium to the cheeseball brake lever,
and it was good to go weight-weenie style.
If anyone has a right side Fishbone skull brake lever,
send it over.
And some brake line clamps...
This 21 lb frankensteined bike always rode smooth.
There's a rear Phil hub and a Campy front,
and the first generation Suntour Cyclone derailleurs are as good or better then Campagnolos.
Now squeezing the brakes won't send me into a somersault.
Time to get a ride in.

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