21 December 2014


It's been almost a year since finishing up one of the more significant changes on the old Hurtlocker Truck.
From this shot it's impossible to see,
that's cause it just looks clean,
one of the best reasons to customize an old car.
It started as an accident.
After smoothing out the majority of the body,
at eye level was basically the ugliest part of the truck.
Not to say drip rails or rain gutters are bad,
these were not straight,
and a couple small rust holes made them look worse.
Hours could have been spent hammering and welding,
and in hindsight the results would have been futile.
The rails were lopped off,
and holey chit surprise...surprise...
as cutting the weld seam of the top and bottom pieces created a long slit.
No problem,
Weld weld grind grind.
Hopefully Ken wouldn't mind...
There was no going back.
Chevies have a rear wrap-around gutter,
and it was time to bite the bullet.
Within minutes the can if worms was open.
The gap here much wider,
In addition the gutter hid the unaligned seam.
A little strategic hammering and welding...
And yeah some magic bondo.
The inner panel limited access,
so hammer and dolly work was tricky.
In the end it was overly smooth,
but better then the eyesore it was.
Matched his helmet too!
Late 50's Ford f-100's have a front gutter,
But not the tri-five chevies,
the brow is already clean.
Fortunately Ken liked it!
Definitely the most bang for the buck.

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