23 December 2014

Hostage Crisis

I'm being held hostage.
I was taken away months ago,
and this guy won't let me back home.
It is nice getting juiced with 220 volts,
Instead of strung out on 110...
And he does let my owner have conjugal visits with me.
Oh man do we get down.
But then he leaves me all alone.
For weeks on end.
I'm hoping I can come home soon.
There's just so much funky work that is getting cut out.
The last visit was great.
We got to hang out all weekend.
I forgot how fun it was to listen to the same grateful dead songs over and over.
It made me forget I was in a strange place.
After I thought he was goin to load me up in the van.
So I did my best to help finish the job.
It was just like old times,
working late into the night,
burning rod.
But I realized things were different.
This isn't my old stool friend.
Then he left me again.
I don't know if I can handle any more.
It looks like the end is in sight,
but what am I missing out on?
I just wanna go home...

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