07 December 2014


Imagine being stuck on a Navy ship,
you're on the hunt after Pearl Harbor,
and are on the long haul to the deep Pacific.
My grandfather was a Navy guy,
WWII, the Korean War and after.
One thing I remember is his leisure Sunday mornings,
playing cribbage with his buddy Ski.
Playing cards was a perfect way to pass the time on a tour,
and remained years after.
In coincidence of Pearl Harbor day,
the old cribbage board was dusted off.
The boys took to it quick.
I thought this was from Papa's stash,
but the memory of it's acquisition is vague.
A cool thing about cribbage is the board.
Paper and pencil is no fun,
and drilling a piece of scrap is part of the history.
This is a thick piece of phenolic,
but I've got custom aluminum and wood boards too.
If you like cards,
search the rules.
It's great strategy and mathematics for kids too!

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