02 June 2014

Girl Power

We've definitely been blessed having awesome kids.
You'll hear that from every parent I'm sure.
Today Macey came home sick.
After school,
she let me carry her from the classroom,
almost all the way to the car.
Not a piggy back ride - that's ok,
an actual baby hold.
Very rare as she's usually embarrassed or thinking she's to old to be cradled by her dad in public.
Man she came home and puked just like her mom did when she was pregnant.
Violent purging puke.
I had to hold her hair out of the stream.
Not bad enough to put her spirits down though.
After a movie.. she passed out on the floor.
Made me realize what a trooper she is.
Tough not to be,
with two teasing older brothers,
and chore oriented parents.
The other day while changing that oil seal,
All she wanted to do was chip the cement off those bricks.
She started wearing shorts,
but didn't like her legs getting peppered with the flying rocks.
She finished a decent pile.
While checking her homework,
I cracked up reading this essay.
That last paragraphs a doozy!
We better clean up our act!
Hope she feels better tomorrow...

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