13 June 2014


It's may be obvious I like a little clutter.
Sure it gets a bit out of control, 
but funny enough,
I know where most everything is.
The reasoning is clutter is a system of layers.
Each layer is a specific project that happened since the last super-clean.
It's easier to remember the timeline of past projects,
then an unmarked drawer or tray.
Here's a case why it works for me.
Last month or more I started a little project.
The goal was to install the two distributor advance rods,
specific to the model A controls.
Without the spark advance,
the hot rod isn't fully driveable.
The job seemed easy enough,
but that's when the warning flags appear.
The dang steering wheel would not budge.
The pulley puller failed,
even with oil and a soft hammer.
It took weeks to finally drill and tap custom holes,
then use a bolt-on puller.
During this time I did a little clean-up,
and other projects got in the way.
By the time the wheel was off,
the important pieces were missing.
I looked all over,
using the search as a good time to organize.
The one bar that Macey liked to play with was easily found.
The other bar and pieces had vanished.
I even offered a $10 finders fee to the kids.
No luck.
By total accident,
I found the last rod where it was supposed to be,
in the back of the pickup bed,
wedged down in the corner.
Yes I had looked in that area.
Then guess what.
The little pieces were in this organizer thing I never use.
All alone,
safely tucked away.
Holey Chit.
I had scanned that area countless times.
Tons of little bolts and knick knacks cover that work bench.
Nothing ever gets lost.
Basically the time I put stuff away for safe keeping,
it was harder to find.
What did I learn?
If it works don't fix it?

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