05 March 2017

PDX to SD shuffle

Wow it's already been 2+ weeks 
since the boys came up.
Like any prepared father,
I was tracking them off the plane,
as they took the long way around on the Max/trolley.
Our day and a half was filled with sightseeing,
if that means mainly hanging out at the track.
Here's a big ole coyote we spooked.
They also got to chase around thousands of geese
that flock around here.
They took some funny videos I need.
City kids...
The kids also got to watch police driver training.
These guys are taught how to spin cars around.
We wanted to do that!
Yeah that's the fun side of being a cop!
After awhile it's like yea another skid...
Woo hoo...
They experienced a rainy first day,
and a pleasantly sunny second day.
Perfect for changing oil...
Cleaning van...
and getting the trailer ready for the southbound adventure.
These guys kick a$$ - no complaints!
The day was full,
and we didn't get much rest before taking off.
There's always something on the std list.
Waking up at 5am for work,
and then leaving for a road trip at 10pm,
doesn't get ya very far,
however it gets ya out of the house.
We only made it 3-4 hours before calling it nap time,
which ended up as the perfect morning drive
through fog rain and snow covered mountains and forest,
where water and fresh air are made!
I think Jake was awake for about 10 minutes of it,
but ya seen one tree ya seen 'em all right?
After Oregon's and Shasta's ups and downs,
Jaxon took over driving duty.
He totaled at least 250 of the 1080 miles!
Not too bad with a trailer.
1080 from Portland to San Diego?
That seems excessive right?
Well 150 miles north of Sacramento,
we got stuck in a huge traffic jam,
caused by the flooding from the 100 year storm.
It took us 2 hours go 2 miles,
into a string of cars and trucks that was 17-20 miles long!
Supposedly the jam was 6-8 hours.
We ended up taking a detour,
and measured 4 miles packed behind us!
There were half a dozen cars stuck in the muddy median,
and I had been tempted to do the same until coming to the asphalted part.
On our okey doke we found this forlorn big rig,
45 degrees tilted into the farm muck.
I thought it was a boat from the distance.
We had to remove our trailer,
turn it around,
and reattach to not get stuck.
Holey Chit!
We also saw a u-haul over half submerged.
Bummed we didn't stop to get that pic.

We ended up detouring 30 miles north,
then 30 miles east to Chico,
then south on the 99.
A good excuse to check out the area!
The river was so huge,
we'd never have made it across further south.
We got home way before the dawn light,
just in time for some family rest,
and a huge Sunday shop thrash. 
These kids are awesome.
How many times have we moved this same old chit.
Ya know once the speakers are moved,
it's the end of an era...
Why do I like the dirtiest heaviest crap.
The idea was to sort the keepers and the flippers,
as the Big 3 swap meet was the next weekend.
Hey Greg!
Your roadster parts are finally at the sandblasters!!
We'll see how nice or rough it'll be...
This stalled project was due for a good rust cleaning,
followed by an epoxy primer.
Our load left some goodies,
we'll have to retrieve at another time.
Thanks Jason!!
The 40 was given the boot,
we needed to stash all these goodies!
In its own bratty way,
it decided to run out of gas down the street.
Guess the ole hussie wanted some attention!
Man these pups got big!!
I had to fly back to Portland on the red eye,
as the vacation pay requires a sandwiched work week.
Since when has I become a stickler for rules and schedules!
It was surreal being back for the couple days,
and just like that I was on my way back.
More later!!

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