11 March 2017

Tag Teaming Mowers & Golf Carts - toro 580d's & ez-go

The boss is on vacation,
so figured I'd do a good ole time Perich thrash.
For some reason it makes me more comfortable 
to juggle a couple projects,
vs focusing on just one.
It seems more efficient working with some clutter,
instead of spending time cleaning!
An electric golf cart shouldn't need too much work,
or so I thought.
The front wheels were crazy wobbly,
only needing a repack and adjustment,
and a rough alignment.
No wonder this thing drove with a mind of its own.
The batteries seemed like one of those trick questions,
like a test to see if I'd catch it.
Funny cause most everything here is like that!
The mowers are a bit more involved.
I'd actually started on these first,
and double-teamed them like a production line,
allowing me to order or find parts at the same time.
Also since I have no idea what I'm doing,
when there was an issue fixing one part,
I could check the other one to see if it matched.
Of course they're made years apart with some upgrades,
kinda similar on the outside,
with different diesel engines,
and electronics and controls,
and ones a 2wd the others a 4wd.
Yea sure sounds like they're the same Toro 580D's!
The cool thing is this giant parts stash.
Remember that most of the equipment here
is donated or scrounged castaways,
requiring trickery and fiddling to stay alive.
Just my style,
like hot rodding farm equipment.
Or is it like working on an old farm?
Some of this stuff is so worn out,
again it seemed like a test to see if I'd fix simple problems,
or ignore them like the previous guy.
Half of these bearings basically disintegrated years ago,
and they just kept running 'em.
I had to cut out the races with a dremel tool!
And these were like large skateboard bearings,
the type that don't come apart!
Good times...
I had kinda got in trouble months earlier,
for making things too nice.
It's a tough habit to break,
something I learned from a kid working with my Papa,
and refined throughout the years.
It runs deep in our family!
Now I just make the parts I'm working on nice,
and spot paint sections not the whole thing.
Believe me it's tough to hold back.
My rattlecan finger gets real twitchy.
There is a reason to go half-a$$,
blending between the real and imaginary,
and that's not to lose time fixing necessary mechanical problems.

As a result instead of rushing to do 2 things in the same amount of time,
I'll methodically do one thing.
If I finish the never ending list of shit to do,
I can go back and have fun with paint.
I didn't show all the stuff completed,
it's not that exciting.
Here's what it looks like on paper...
Hydraulic leaks, cylinder swap, new blades,
rebuild cutter hubs, lotsa chit.
Most likely forgot to write a couple things...
During the finish test,
I heard a weird rhythmic clanking.
With virtually no experience working on mowers,
I was like Holey Chit what did I miss?
A wrongly rebuilt cutter hub?
Wrong or upside down blades?
A 3/4" hinge pin had worn out,
allowing the blades to hit each other.
Another tricky thing to diagnose,
but easy to make a new one.
I've got to admit,
it felt good to get out the grinder and cut some metal!
Yep...Fun at work!

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