21 February 2017

Snow Days - vannin'

To some of ya,
snow days are like...
"Great...another day of cold..."
"Chippin ice off the windshield..."
Well from a 100% southern Californian,
snow is like woo hoo!!
And working for the city,
extreme snow and ice days 
can mean an unexpected paid vacation!
At the least it's a 10am late start,
which gives the perfect excuse to get out and cruise around.
There is a learning curve,
throwing tire chains on is the first step.
These were like putting on tight shoes,
the right size but man what a pita.
This wasn't the drive to work,
this was at work.
Fresh powder!
I've got to admit it was pretty cool,
the crunching sound,
the feeling like driving on the moon...
With tire chains the van was a tank.
Yea it was only about a foot,
but that was a foot more 
than nothin!
The track has hundreds of acres of open space,
I figured it was my duty to check the perimeter.
Ok a couple times.
Chief wasn't too thrilled.
I felt a little under the weather that week,
otherwise we woulda tackled the powder together.
Big baby.
The snow is a rare event up in Pirtland,
so tons of track pictures of untouched snow were taken,
then the boss tore it up in his BMW X5.
I missed pics but it looked like an advertisement.
As you can tell 
I had as much fun as I could at work.
But it was still cold 
and I had to get chit done...
More later!