05 February 2017

ram light truck salvage - PDX

So I was dickin round with this thing.
This rear brake anti-lock proportioning valve.
The more it was tore apart
things just got worse and worse,
unlodging years of jammed sludge.
Cleaning it was easy.
Putting back together not so much.
Leaked like the proverbial sieve.
Nothing at the typical parts store,
dealer wanted a mint.
I was referred to a local junkyard,
Ram Light Truck Salvage,
a literal parts house.
Rooms were organized with greasy treasures.
A transmission tore up on the living room floor to get a gear,
the dining room now the cash wrap,
a surreal sight.
They had the 2 year only brake valve,
knew exactly where it was.
Gotta love it!

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