15 February 2017

The challenge- Kubota L3750 tractor

Ok remind me next time 
to take before and after shots.
This is an after-after shot!
Lower your light setting,
and squint your eyes,
and that's what this tractor looked like.
A power washing uncovered bright orange paint,
and multiple signs of age.
Everyone said this was in its last legs,
beyond its life expectancy.
Hyeeellll no...
Them's fightin' words!!
If the engine runs,
the transmission changes gears,
and the hydraulics hydraulic,
I'll keep this thing alive just for fun!
Actually it's more of a necessity.
Basically all the equipment here is either donated,
castaways or auctioned beaters.
The lifeblood is called
"Friends of PIR",
a local group which collects donations to acquire needed chit.
All handouts are welcome!
I'll have to edit a link in here...
This place works with the good ole shoestring budget,
and that's what makes it right up my alley.
Who wants to work on new chit?
This poor beast hadn't been serviced in years!
Besides the overdue fluid changes,
I tried to put as much lipstick on this pig as possible.
It's funny cause there's bits and pieces 
of experience years of experience here.
I've done the same fixits just not on a tractor.
Torch and clamps...
Grinding and welding...
Holes and zip ties...
Cheesy but strong brackets...
This canopy flapped like chicken wings,
it was like watching a cartoon character.
Lastly was the punch in the face mug.
Doesn't it look like a beat up transformer?
It's sayin "give it to me...
I can take it!!"
I removed the broken lights,
whipped out some bent screens,
and sewed the grille with zip ties.
Dirt and leaves had blocked half the radiator!
From 30 feet it looks 10 years younger,
and should last at least double that.
Good times....

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