22 December 2016

Toro 322D blower - rattlecan rebuild

Let's fast forward to the almost present.
Here's a little project from up here in PDX.
Without going into too much backstory,
much of the equipment here is castoffs from other departments,
older equipment patched up doing serious work.
Which is kinda freaky,
as it is exactly what I like doing,
reviving quality steel.
Who wants to fix new tuner junk!?
This Toro blower was an accident waiting to happen,
a serious liability.
The driveshaft was in a radical downward spiral,
a compilation of multiple worn parts.
Now it spins like a top.
The machine had taken a few hits,
probably from moving trees.
Also check out that spring hole,
almost worn through!
The bolt that this pivoted on was also worn half through.
That crack held up the guide,
so it wouldn't seat correctly,
sitting at a 45 degree angle. 
This had been repaired multiple times.
There's a point where it's not worth rewelding weak metal.
What better project for a jonesing welder!
Especially one used to using scrap steel.
The cutouts basically disintegrated when removed.
The patch panel work resembled 
a combination of years of boat and hot rod work.
The big difference was daylight
and multiple fluorescent bulbs.
Oh yea and 32-45 degree not-heat.
Strategically cut, fit, grind and tack,
then all double welded.
Yea I used cardboard templates...
The STD (chit to do) list was endless,
it wasn't a pre-made list,
it was more like an archaeological dig,
unearthing fixit after fixit.
These front wheels were radical,
the bearings resembled petrified corks.
A few hydraulic leaks and linkage adjustments,
steering box rebuild and this baby was good to go.
Well lets do a rattlecan rebuild while I'm at it.
The 10 color splatter patina was cool,
but it was hard to differentiate grease and dirt.
Seriously you'd get dirty just looking at it.
I'd already fixed up the 3-banger diesel,
so now it was ready to let go back in the herd.
The cool thing is each piece of machinery
has a worker that I associate with it.
This is Pat's blower,
he'd never seen it this nice...
So yea this was like my 7th project already.
Now I'm on a double Daihatsu kick.
More to come!!


  1. A gig at a race track?!...You must be in P-Heaven....

    1. It is surreal I'd have never expected being here as of this past summer...