25 December 2016

Chief goes to the snow

You may have heard of the cold front
that hit the northwest area...
Perfect time to get Chief off the trailer!
Miles in rain, fog, heat and bitter cold,
but this was the first time in snow.
I finally found out what was eating the travel food.
Looks like a rabbit unless it's a squirrel?
The snow pack was low,
and much of the roads were icy.
There were city-wide shutdowns.
Earlier in the month we'd taken this driving class from "Pro-Drive"
using skid cars that simulate slippery conditions.
Just like driving in the sand...
No problem!
The big van was more sketchy in the ice,
as once it slides there's some good momentum.
The hot rod had the skinny bias plies,
very little traction!!
Still a lot of fun.
People were like wtf...
The belly pan keeps the cab toasty.
Dry snow is way better than wet rain!
The biggest issue was the 6-volt system,
the batteries didn't like to start the old flathead at first,
especially since it had sat for so long.
Once it was running daily there was no problem.
If you've heard,
Oregoners don't pump their own gas.
When I pulled up in the hot rod,
the guy just handed me the nozzle.
It was a rare comfort,
just like being back home.


  1. Are you now living in Portland? Did I miss something?