14 December 2016

How to - save for hot rod parts

Thanksgiving weekend was great.
Hanging out with the family finally...
Driving the 40 around...
If you see a 70 foot one-legger burnout 
in front of the house...
Love that t-5 transmission!
As I'm here trying to delete pictures
since my phone has about 65M of space,
I found this gem,
now googlized evidence to the cause 
of 100's of miles of limited turning,
requiring not 3 but 5-6 point turns,
not making simple maneuvers like u-turns 
and avoiding small parking lots.
Basically driving around on train tracks,
the whaler was more maneuverable.

This lasted well over a year - almost two!!
I was so perplexed I'd studied hours online,
believing the cause was the steering box,
as the lock to lock turns resembled the short ratio.
525 steering boxes aren't cheap,
and not available at the local parts store anymore,
so the Oreilly's trade in warranty is over.
I'd finally saved up the duckets,
when I decided to have one last look.
It was like realizing I'd been walking around with my underwear outside of my pants for 2 years.
It was like realizing at 47 I could take a leak standing up.
It was like realizing that dream when my nuts were too big wasn't actually a dream...
This whole time it was frickin big nuts.
Holey chit...
I'd put on the disc (cough) brake kit,
left the long stock ford kingpin jammer nut on,
and it was hitting the effin bracket.

How could I miss this for so long?
Basically cause it's hidden in a dark crevice behind the wheel on both sides,
even though the bracket is gold with a big dimple on the edge from the nut hitting it.
The positive... 
A quick freebie fix - two fine thread nuts.
Wow it's like driving a normal car!!
The real positive...
With the money I had slowly saved,
I got a bitchin used edelbrock tri-power (5412) intake for the 302!!
Ah well things happened for a reason...

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