09 December 2016

My Peeps

I've been MIA for holey chit almost 3 months now!
No that can't be right.
Last post 19 of sep...
Let's see 2-1/2 months rounded up...
Close enough...
A lot has happened in these past weeks.
A whole lot that I'll regale y'all in future posts.
One thing that kinda sucks is the blogger app
isnt available for Apple based mechs,
which makes it tough to upload pics.
But that's a lame-o excuse,
as the app was backed up to my new 6S,
after the great iPhone debacle in September.
Did I mention that?
When I got the 40 running with the t-5,
typically at 10pm to the single bulb...
I went for the obvious joy ride,
leaving the precious 5C on the fender.
Holey effin Chit.
I retraced my 3 mile path 3-4 times,
only finding the rubber case a mile away...
Fortunately the backup iCloud works.
Better cause it's costing $1 a month!
 Well today I figured let's check the stats.
Holey double chit!
Usually there's around 70-120 reads a day,
somehow it spiked to 200-400+!
I figured it would be a dead horse.
The typical 4000+- reads a month, peaked to almost 8000,
and PB&S has broken the 300K threshold!
Thanks all for reading the dribble,
I've got some good chit coming soon!


  1. TP........I've been checking in on your adventures to see what's going on........Nice to see ya' back.


  2. I've been checking in 2-3 times a week, glad to see you have some downtime for us.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Hopefully I'll get some good stories out...