25 December 2015

Xmas Trees

It's taken awhile,
but I'm learning to listen,
finding present clues during conversation.
A couple weeks ago my mom mentioned 
she'd like an olive tree for their front yard.
"Hmm...", I thought,
I've seen trees on craigslist before...
The perfect excuse to hunt!
Surprisingly I missed out on at least 3 trees.
These things get swooped on fast!
Sunday night I had a lucky text.
A week had gone by,
I had thought this ad was a fake,
or were they just too big?
Two trees were ready for the pickin!
How hard could this be?
I researched online,
spoke with Chip the landscaper...
Monday afternoon Jaxon and I got to it...
The drive was longer than expected,
giving my mind time to wander.
The ad pics deceiving.
25' trees!?
I was imagining giant hulking monsters.
These may be too much.
Thankfully they were manageable,
Kristine wanted an oak variety,
get these outta here!
Her landscaper Carlos gave us some tips,
and in three hours Jax and I had dug up the yard.
Now what!!??
These were way heavier than I thought,
and each had separate logistic issues,
a small hill and a rocky path.
The next day 
would use all our previous loading skills...
Like before,
our early Tuesday start began afternoon.
Loading up equipment and getting a trailer,
then the 50 minute drive in traffic.
Did I mention it was raining?
We brought out the trusty A-frame,
the garden wagon,
long wooden planks,
and our secret weapon Jakob.
We had the booty loaded within 3 hours!
The kids were amazing.
Nothing fazes them.
We couldn't have planned it better,
driving home in slow traffic,
limiting the brutal speed wind.
They better like these!!
We decided to dump them at their house early,
no use risking more shock trying to be sly.
I'd predicted a "WTF" facial expression from my dad,
followed by uncontrolled gnawing 
on a fresh cigar.
Their grandmother was ecstatic,
and wanted them both.
Wednesday morning 
the kids planned a 7am start.
Ahh 930 is fine...
Gave my parents time to figure where they'd go.
we had these planted by noon!
This included an A-frame and a wagon ride
down the sidewalk 
and up a skinny walkway.
The trees really filled out the empty front yard,
Please live!!
We did as much as we could 
to help them survive,
now the torch is passed to my parents,
who now can finally finish 
the front yard project.
Thanks Kristine and family!!

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