03 December 2015

Shop Life - episode 5 - the pavers

Lets keep up with the freebie craigslist theme.
The winter winds have started,
blowing our canopies away in the process.
This was the second time for this frame,
probably on it's last legs.
Now the work spot looked barren.
Until a chance posting showed up.
This was Saturday morning,
Macey's birthday.
We had already scheduled a sleepover,
so timing was tight.
Ay 26 minutes posted,
we were lucky to be the first.
On the texts,
I could tell the giver, Fausto.
was getting other interest.
"We'll take them all!!"
Walking up to the stash was a true
HOLEY CHIT moment.
These were not bricks,
but pavers.
Each one like 3 or 4 normal bricks 
in weight and size.
In addition the pavers were 100 ft away,
over a grassy berm and down a path.
Fortunately Fausto helped out with his wheelbarrow,
and Team Perich used the wagon.
The first day was two fat loads,
about half the pile.
The van was a trooper.
How much weight does it take compress
the front suspension this much!
The poor tires...
We drove 45 mph on the short freeway jaunt.
So much for the birthday boat ride!
We rushed home and the boys busted
even more a$$ decorating the house girlie style.
The night was about the exact opposite
of moving two tons of bricks.
The next morning Jaxon and I 
resumed the transport.
Fausto and his crew had did the hard work,
moving them to the sidewalk.
Still a daunting task.
Hey if your gonna have a one ton E350,
ya better use it...
Two loads finished the job,
instigating another.
Stacks of pavers were everywhere.
The Great Wall of Barrio.
The following weekend we started the lay,
changing the previous bricking layout.
These were taller,
and interlocked.
Jaxon again pulled through.
He must really want his drivers permit!
He's a true workhorse.
Over thanksgiving vacation,
we spent a couple hour bursts bricking.
The dirt is hard packed,
lots of picking and shoveling,
as there's a 2 inch shake-like oil pack to break.
(edit pic tonight!)
The cool thing is Jason got off his a$$,
and finally paved his side too.
Although he's not as picky...
Now it's a race to the end.
Good times...
Thanks Fausto for the load!!

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