01 December 2015

Dang...craigslist misses...

Let's see...
To start off this month,
we'll clear out some snapshots,
of some sorely missed deals...
This was tonight,
right after dinner.
24 minutes up,
and the guy already had multiple takers.
24 minutes posted,
means it was visible for about 10-15,
as there's a little time lag.
Supposedly had a seized engine.
In San Diego ya gotta be fast!
Ya know I'm into the bricks.
This was up for about 45 minutes.
Way too late!
Now who could resist 48 boxes 
of yum Girl Scout cookies!
These were the tasty thin mints and samoas.
We'd give the raisin ones to the homeless...
This one hurt.
An arcade sized air hockey game,
located in a nicer part of San Diego,
so I'm sure it was perfect.
This was a Brunswick Leisure Fitness model,
probably 3-5000 new.
I was 2nd on the list at 31 minutes!
Man that would have been fun...
I almost offered them a little $$ 
to change their mind!!
I'm not sure if this one was for real.
I never called the number.
What would we do with a friggin monkey!?
We already have three...
This was flagged in about 25 minutes.
Wonder if he had any luck...
Let's wrap this up with the "dang it" award.
Who among us wouldn't want a life size
Velociraptor costume.
Ya know you would...
Ridiculously cool.
I'd just walk around the neighborhood with this...
Well there goes a tiny percentage of the
free awesomeness on craigslist!!

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