04 January 2016

Shop Life 7 - winter break

Winter break.
Kids off...
2 weeks to get a ton of shop work in!
It sounded like a plan!
Then we all succumbed to the cold season.
Coughing and hacking...
Who brought this to our family!?
Well a little spittin and fevers won't stop us!
At least for one day.
Before Christmas,
we got double the amount of bricks layed.
Amazing how a free next day is an incentive.
Jaxon had a Knotts Berry Farm date,
and Jake wanted to go to the skatepark.
They deserved it!
The rest if the vacation flew by.
Admittedly I was a bit burnt out on the shop,
I'll write about that later.
I did weld up some custom tent hold downs,
scrounged from a brick score.
So yeah not much shop thrashing,
but I'm ready for 2016!
Happy New Year!!
TP and family

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