16 October 2015

The Moreno Coupe - outta here...

Last time on here the coupe was finally on wheels,
or could be.
Next up was the firewall.
A divot was made in the center,
allowing the tri-power set up to fit.
The wire and cardboard template was getting battered.
The hole needed to be trimmed out,
and finally a stronger cardboard template made.
The new filler bubble was bent 
out of a single piece of sheetmetal.
And finally tacked in.
Lotsa work getting this to fit right!
While I was in the hammering mode,
the big holes were filled in.
Lotsa tapping!
Now for 4+ feet of welding...
I brought the TIG in to play here.
The inside welding was a killer.
The bottom lip was trimmed and hammered 
to hold the wood kick plate.
I couldn't doing a little finish work,
even though Mario wanted to save hours here.
The trusty black epoxy primer sealed things up,
and showed the warts and dinks on the process.
Little sanding,
some filler and that was it!
Times up!
Meanwhile Mario rattlecan rebuilded 
the baby 260 ford windsor...
To look like the perfect date for the prom.
Lipstick and makeup do wonders.
Some frame holes were welded up...
Rear shock mounts whittled out,
and welded...
And next thing ya know,
it's back on the tow rig!
Too bad not to see it put back together,
but there are many layers to do before that,
and Mario finally has room in his garage...
Cause he dropped off his bitchin 30 coupe project!
Some guys...

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