02 October 2015

Sharp's First Anniversary

An old Ventura friend bit the bullet last year,
and took over a local automotive repair shop,
Sharp's Auto Repair.
Big change becoming self employed,
as before Danny was the perfect pawn,
dressing in ties every day as a Lexus service manager,
driving 40 miles one way in traffic.
Now he's in a grease monkey uniform!
The location is interesting.
The end of the main road in Point Mugu,
surrounded by a surprising amount of open space.
Supposedly the original owner and his crew 
had some good times racing around the neighborhood.
After years of hearing stories about this place,
it was cool to meet the original Sharp (bill?)
at the Ventura Nationals,
the guy on the far right.
Why do mechanics like to wear white shirts?
Congratulations Danny!!

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