22 October 2015

Skimmer - more Klipsch fortes!

If you click on the "audiophile" tab 
on the far right or very bottom,
I've definitely become a sound snob
in the past 5+ years.
Search patterns have become more refined.
I'll pass on things that used to seem like deals.
The underlying variable is cost.
As tastes become more refined,
prices naturally follow.
The other evening I found this sweetheart deal.
A score ad posted for 8 hours 
is gonna be a 50/50,
especially with smart phone search apps,
which I've resisted so far.
I emailed the guy and tried to forget about it.
An early morning email reply 
was a definite surprise.
I called and we set a midday time.
This is when higher offers derail plans.
He kept his word,
and even sweetened the pot,
with a late 70's Tandberg TR-2030 receiver,
made in Norway!
Weird thing used DIN plugs instead of RCA.
The tuner worked but no way to test the tape.
Not bad sound for how dirty it was inside.
I contemplated a cleaning project...
This was an obvious flipper opportunity,
I've got enough chit to do...
Now you can see why I have so much stuff!
Keep what I like,
get rid of the fluff.
It's like getting awesome stuff for free!
Not including the time it takes to wrap.
A hoarder keeps everything right?
This is more of a skimmer...
These new klipsch fortes are in the best condition
of all (cough) four pair we have.
The grilles and drivers are perfect.
The walnut is gonna gleam after a little floor wax.
Now where to put them?

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