23 October 2015


Oh man you guys are in for a treat...
When Sonya get to see an authentic lowrider/hopper!
This rolled in to an adjoining spot.
I'm not sure how but it did!
It's like it's tip-toeing on ballet shoes!
The rear end was heavily reinforced.
Dig the chain straps...
Some serious alignment issues!
The rear suspension is just like a hot rod.
Would be cool with ladder bars.
A little reinforcement was needed...
For the 20 batteries...
and easily 500 lbs of steel!
The system used old school hydraulics.
I need to evaluate this setup.
Looks like they'd only need two,
There's only 4 cables and two trigger wires.
Maybe there's some hidden wiring.
The master controls.
Makes the whaler look like overkill!
This was made for wheel standing,
as evident from the crushed tailgate...
and the buckling of the quarter panels.
That wheel offset is crazy!
Wacky chit goin down here...

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