09 July 2015

The Motherlode

Last year we missed July 4th festivities.
I was trying to remember why and what we did.
The bricks.
That brick work is from another time.
It's a "what was I thinking?" project
that seems like it's been there forever.
I couldn't imagine doing it now.
This July 4th a turning point had arrived,
and this hidden roadster project found it's time.
Three years stashed it had digressed from yard art,
to "what's back there?" status.
Now there was breathing room in the back.
That lasted about 4 days,
replaced by something even more heavy and massive.
In two gigantic loads and one small one,
the kids scooped up close to 2000 bricks,
from a really cool couple only a short drive away.
The craigslist ad was only up for 9 minutes!
We dropped everything to get them.
With the drought,
bricks are a hot commodity.
The poor van creaked from the weight.
The kids never complained once,
or maybe I wasn't listening.
Check out the tail on the rear bumper,
it's actually touching the ground :/
May need a junkyard run for e350 springs in the future!
Now we have a summertime project!
Thanks Mark and Carlene!


  1. Replies
    1. Once that backyard section is bricked over,
      I'm hoping I'll be more motivated to work on the chopped 40.
      Need to do brake/fuel lines, wiring etc,
      will be nicer not laying in the dirt!